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B Lloyd PhD
Brendan Lloyd PhD

Psychologist Brendan Lloyd PhD is available online for counselling and coaching. The service is 100% secure, private, very affordable and convenient. No travel or appointments are needed for this prompt and responsive service.

This is a satisfaction guaranteed service. It’s important to us that this service is suitable for you. If for whatever reason you discover that this online service is not what you expected, then a full refund will be promptly returned to you (see details).

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Counselling and Coaching

Online counselling and coaching is a relatively new innovation. There is certainly room for improvement in the traditional approach to counselling and coaching. For example, the online approach eliminates the need to travel and we don’t need to be on time for appointments. We don’t need appointments. So we don’t really need to fit our lives into a one-hour session each week.

The online approach offers two other benefits. One is the possibility of higher frequency of contact with the psychologist during a week. Secondly, the anonymity and privacy of online consultations means that embracement or shyness is less likely to slow down progress.

Overall the online approach to counselling and coaching is more flexible, convenient and more efficient than the traditional approach. As a result of these efficiencies the client is able make significant savings on the fee.

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When the word consultation is used here think of a conversation. Think in terms of a coninuious exchange of information. Think of an unfolding conversation where the layers are peeled back; or where the light shines in. For the conversations to be therapeutically useful they need to reveal the how-question. For example, how do I get to feel the way I do? How can I bring myself around to a comfortable sense of wellbeing?

The only way to get there is to make the first step. To be in the present moment means to have your focus on the process rather than the outcome. All processes are made up of steps. The focus therefore is on the steps toward the outcome. We will achieve our goal if we pay attention to steps as they arise. We don’t need to force it or strive in a stressful manner to achieve satisfaction. We do however need to take the steps one at a time.

The first step here is to tell me about yourself. For example, what are you up to in your life? What did you do this week? What are some of the things that you don’t understand about yourself? Yes, you do need a certain amount of courage to express yourself in this way.

If you make the effort you’ll reap the benefits. You can dip your toe in at the shallow end to start with. Just keep it safe to start with. As we get into it, you’ll be treading water confidently at the deep end; and you’ll be enjoying it, I’m sure.

The conversations gently reveal the necessary skills. We can always learn to drive the machine better. The therapeutic conversations are not just a vent. They are purposely directed to show you how your mind functions. It certainly is not all about denying the difficulties of living. Mental health and a sustainable sense of wellbeing certainly is all about our skilled efforts to manage the difficulties. There's no getting around that. Continue to more information.

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